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Phytophthora root rot disease

Phytophthora Root Rot Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Is your tree quietly dying? Your tree’s blackening trunk, dieback, or drooping crown could be from Phytophthora disease, commonly known as a water mold, which causes root rot. Root rot caused by Phytophthora disease...

Fusarium wilt infected banana tree leaves

Symptoms, Treatment, and Control of Fusarium Wilt Disease

The wilting, yellowing and dropping of leaves that lead to plant death in your garden (or landscape) may be the result of Fusarium wilt disease (Fusarium oxysporum or F. oxysporum). In this gardeninginfo-online.com article,...

Fungus growing on bark of troubled tree

Diseases that Ruin Trees, Plants, and Gardens

In a perfectly balanced, natural landscape, insects, bacteria, and other microorganisms help the process of recycling nutrients and plants, and decomposition. These insects and microorganisms coexist in your garden to create a perfectly balanced...