Why Organic Gardening?

Gardening has always taken a great part in human life, either as the need for body sustenance, or for spiritual uplifting. Growing plants makes the connection with nature stronger and is considered a mild therapy by many psychologists. Organic gardening in its specificity reinforces the strongest binds with Mother Nature, as it is a true to life way to grow vegetables and fruits, using only the materials provided by nature.

Nowadays many people prefer organic gardening as it has many advantages over other ways of producing plants.

First of all, organic gardening requires your personal involvement in the whole process. The plants need you to supply the soil with fruitful compost. The natural compost is made of kitchen and garden waste, with no chemical pesticides in it.

Chemicals are the second issue solved by organic gardening. When you grow the plants organic, you need not add any artificial substances in the soil. Pesticides are made of toxins that kill every living thing in the natural environment. They can be extremely harmful for the human body, as well. Organic gardening contains no risk for any living creature, and saves the life balance in the surroundings.

The above-mentioned reveals the third advantage of organic gardening: it is harmless for the environment. You can try it and preserve nature. In that way you get two great extras: eating healthy food without being a monster to the living habitat around you. Trees and plants have produced their harvest for millions of years without being propped up with chemical substances. By organic gardening we let nature do something for us, and feed us, as it had feeded our ancestors with delicious food, long before pesticides came into fashion.

By trying organic gardening, you help your children grow up healthy. Many research works show that a child ingests four to five times more cancer-causing pesticides from food than a full-grown adult. The necessity of healthy food for children is not a myth, but a scientifically proven truth.

The last thing that makes organic gardening utterly irresistible for the practical people, is that it is CHEAPER. Pesticides and artificial supplements DO cost a lot of money indeed. But this doesn’t mean that organic gardeners leave things go their own unpredictable way. A devoted gardener always comes up with smart ideas like making cheap compost of coffee grounds. If you want to get rid of aphids, a typical organic gardening tip would be to plant marigolds nearby. There are many do-it-yourself practical advice for making your plants grow stronger. Take mulch, for example. Mulch is done by mixing pine needles and grass clippings. It helps keeping the soil moist and the weeds off. There are many recipes for producing cheap substances to fight against garden pests. The most inexpensive way to make a quart of garden pest spray is by mixing water with one spoon of dishwashing soap and one cup of cooking oil.

When taking up organic gardening, you start to feel that you are really doing something useful for the environment and for your health, and the satisfaction is rewarding. Saving money is the other great privilege that an organic gardening practitioner feels over the others.

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