Ways To Get Your Kids Into Organic Gardening

It’s not hard to get the kids involved in the garden.  At http://gardeninginfo-online.com, we know the best place to start is the organic veggie garden.  If you ask why an organic garden, well it makes sense to them that you plant, water, feed and harvest, which means….eat!

For each child it is a good idea to give them a row, let them choose what they would like to plant in that row.

Make sure that if you start with seeds, then have some seedlings to get going quickly so the interest doesn’t wane or it looks too hard to wait so long for their crop to be ready.

Potatoes are good as they need constant tendering and when they are ready, digging to get them is always a fun thing to do.

Beans are another good crop, they grow at a good pace and I remember being able to pick them from the vine and eat them was the best thing.  I didn’t really like cooked beans but the ones I picked myself in the vegie garden were great.

plantingAnother favourite with all the kids in our street were radishes,  Pull them up, wash under the tap and eat.  If we didn’t eat all our vegies at dinner our parents didn’t worry too much as most days we had eaten more raw vegies than what we would have cooked.

Tomatoes, lettuce leaves, peas, beans, radishes, cucumbers were all favourites to eat raw.

We also had a good supply of fruit fresh from the garden too.

Make sure it is an enjoyable time for the kids, don’t make it seem like a chore, If they are not keen on doing something one day, find another for them to do.

Get the kids to help with taking care of the equipment and pots.  Washing out the pots so they will be ready for cuttings to be potted up.  Get them to help with finding the right cuttings to propergate.

Helping to build the trellis too for plants to climb on.  The teepee style for the tomatoes and joining a few together for  beans is always fun.

Don’t just keep it to the vegie garden.  Flowers are wonderful too.  There are lots of flower seed mixtures that will brighten up an area of the garden where your little ones can enjoy the magic of watching the buds open and then when the time is right, bringing beautiful flowers into the home for all to enjoy.

You have fun too, let your imagination run a little.

There is something magical about a little one learning and grasping what a garden is all about.

You will probably have just as much fun if not more than the kids.

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