Transforming Brick Walls To Attractive Features

So we looked at rendering and painting your brick wall to start with. this will add some colour, and helps to preserve your brickwork.

In some cases the brick wall will be covered by the plants, eventually. But in some cases this may not be the case. On such occasions there are plenty of things you can add to the wall to create a nice feeling.

Admittedly these options should be part of your design/plan, as they should be done before the rendering and painting is finished for that seemless finish! Visit for more ideas and inspiration.

Add Light

Wall lights 2

Seating area with Wall Lights

Light can create a feeling in your garden if they are placed correctly. You can put feature lights on walls around areas that you use for entertaining.

This will not only light up the area that you are in, make it a lot easier to entertain, but it will also create a warm ambiance that makes the place inviting to be in.

driveway light

Driveway Wall Lighting

You can also add lights on retaining wall leading to the house, this is great for safety. Personal safety and also makes it a lot easier to park your cars.

Add Feature Art

This doesnt necesarily mean go out and buy a massive big piece of art. You can actually create feature art work, by many different methods.

You can add cladding – stone or timber – to your wall, you can break up the wall by building patterns into them or breaking them up with other panels such as wood or aluminium fences, you can add metal panels either painted or not painted for a rustic look.

Most of these can be done by a handy man – yourself, however with cladding I would recommend to call in the professtionals to obtain the best quality look and finish.

Wall Cladding - stone

Stone Wall Cladding

Stone wall cladding is made of natural stones, so generally come in different earth tones like greys and browns and can add a dramatic look it required or blend in nicely simply creating a different texture.Stone cladding is less maintenance than wood, as wood cladding requires either oil or paint to be added to make it durable.

Cladding with metal art

Wall Art

Wall panels also come in different materials, you can get wood or metal panels. There are also several different patterns you can choose from and some companies will even let you create your own design. These panels can be hung, can be painted to any colour or left untreated, in which case the metal panels tend to get a rusty look. You can also put light behind these elements generally that makes them really stand out at night time. You can also mix the elements… as long as you create a design that calls for this.Now these pieces are large and elaborate, as with all things you need to also look at your budget. Wall cladding can be costly, whereas the metal art work can range in price dependent on size, material, pattern and finish. So have a look at what gives the best bang for your buck as part of your design process.

Also you may not need something so large if you have a small garden, yu may be able to utilise smaller wall pieces or even statues.


Stone Water Feature

Add a Water Feature

Water features can give a calming and tranquil feel to your garden.  They come in all shapes and sizes, starting from bird baths to ponds, fountains and waterfalls. As with all things look at your area carefully before you put something in. Some of them, like bird baths and ponds can easily be installed by anyone. Waterfalls on the other hand may require a plumber to install piping and pumps. There are also running costs and safety legislations to consider when installing water features. A pond for example may require some sort of safety fence, which can not only add to the cost but also take away from the desired feel.

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