Tips To Create The Perfect Vegetable Garden

Recently people are becoming more health conscious as they are not getting the right amount of health benefits after consuming vegetables from the market. This is because bought vegetables lack adequate amount of nutrition and freshness. Farmers, who grow vegetables for profit-making, use harmful fertilizers which destroy the food benefit and give a look of artificial freshness. Thus, more and more people are now wearing their gardening gloves and setting up their personal vegetable garden. More on this at

Many of you get goose bumps thinking of setting up your own vegetable garden. Well, for your knowledge setting up  a vegetable garden or a flower garden both require the same amount of personal labor and time. There is nothing extra you need to do for a vegetable garden. In fact having your own vegetable garden will certainly help you to be economical and save a lot on your monthly budget. And, the icing on the cake is that you will get to eat fresh and nutritious vegetables.

So, how do you setup your own vegetable garden? Here, are a few essential instructions for you to follow.

  • Decide on the total space you need

Once you are certain about the vegetable types you wish to plant determine the amount of space you need. Depending on the type of vegetables make sure that you take a decent amount of space. Obviously you do not need a vast land for growing vegetables, but just make sure that the plants are not too over crowded.

  • Pick the right spot for vegetable plantation

 Weather it is vegetables or flowers all types of plants require an adequate amount of sunlight. Thus, pick a spot that gets a minimum of six to eight hours of sunlight. If they do not get the right amount of sunlight they will certainly be deprived of a healthy growth.

  • Feed the right proportion of water

 Most of the vegetables plants are not drought tolerant. So, you certainly need to give the right amount of water on a daily basis. Study says that plants generally requires about an inch of water per week for a healthy growth. To maintain steady proportion of water make use of water hose. Do not over feed the plant, as too much of water will certainly bring a negative impact on the plant’s growth.

  • Need to plan and design the vegetable garden

 Planning and designing your garden really plays a vital role for the healthy growing of your plant. There are mainly two layouts for vegetable gardening, intensive cropping and row cropping.

Intensive cropping: Intensive cropping is basically doing gardening taking into consideration a small area. In this type of cropping plants are close spaced which require weeding by hand. There is a special method of intensive cropping which is known as “square-foot method”. In this method the garden is divided into small sized beds (4×4 feet), which are further subdivided to squares sizing 1 foot. Each of these small squares can have 1, 4, 9 and 16 plants as per the size of the plant.

Row cropping: In this method of cropping plants are placed in a row with a small path for walking between every row. When you wish to do vegetable plantation in large quantity row cropping is the best method to apply.

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