The Secret To Pruning Your Trees

Trees may need to be pruned for a number of reasons. Trees need to be pruned to remove branches which have become damaged by storms or disease. It also reduces the height of the tree. Pruning can also be used to shape the tree for aesthetics and design purposes. Pruning can help in new growth by thinning out the crown which can also lead to better air circulation.

Before you start pruning, it helps to remember a few facts. In some cases, it will be better and safer to hire a professional. When you want to prune a large tree, you will need to climb it up along with heavy tools such as saws. Even for smaller trees, precaution is a must as you will be working with sharp tools.

Best Time to Prune

Avoid pruning during the spring. You should not prune trees which have just begun to produce leaves as it weakens them. Late summer is ideal for most trees. If you want to prune the trees so as to improve their structure and form, you should do it during the autumn when the leaves have fallen down. This gives you a better view of the branches.

Dead wood can be pruned during the summer when leafless branches can be located more easily. Winter time is another good time for pruning as most trees are dormant during that time. Winter pruning can give a significant boost to the new growth during spring.

Pruning for Enhancing Flower

It is possible to enhance flowering by pruning at the correct time. For trees that produce blooms in spring, the best time for pruning would be when the flowers begin to fade. If the trees flower in the middle or late summer, the ideal pruning time would be in the winter or early spring.

Tips for Cutting Branches

When pruning branches, you should keep a few things in mind. The cuts should not be too close to the trunk. Apart from being large, these flush cuts can take a long time to seal up. At the same time, the cut should not be located too far in the trunk. This will create a stub that looks very unattractive. It can even act as an entry point for insects which can harm the tree.

The correct location for pruning is on the outer side of the branch collar, which is the swollen area that denotes the joint between the branch and the trunk. This area contains a lot of chemicals that can hasten callus tissue formation which can seal the wound made by the cut.

The Proper Branch Cutting Technique

In order to maintain the health of the tree during pruning, it is crucial that the cut is made in the proper fashion. A small wedge should be made on the underside of the branch on the branch side. This ensures that the bark will break at that point which can prevent tears reaching out to the stem bark and tissue when the branch is cut off. Further along the branch from the cut, the branch can be cut through from the top. This will create a stub which needs to be cut off. In order to remove it, the cut should be parallel to the branch side and as close to the branch collar possible.

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