Sustainable Gardening Tips for Beginners

Organic gardening is ‘in’. But sustainable gardening is the future. knows that in sustainable gardening you can mix the real world ideas into innovative implementations. Sustainable gardening in a way means growing your own food and leading a healthy and independent lifestyle. To start with, you need to go chemical-free and organic. This would mean that you would not be harming the earth while growing different types of fruits and vegetables in the garden. While growing fruits and vegetables in the garden you also save water, do proper waste management and also source seeds smartly. Given below is a list of smart sustainable gardening tips that you can definitely follow:



  • If you are planning to clean the dirt and the dust that accumulate in equipment and tools that are used for gardening, here’s a nice trick. You can put all the leftover slivers of soap in a plastic mesh and keep that beside the tap or the water hose. The soap and the abrasive plastic bag will be helpful to clean the hands and feet and also the equipment that you are using.
  • If you are planning to make rows in between vegetables, you can use the tomato cages and different types of innovative articles for making the boundaries in between the fields with multiple vegetables.
  • Do you need a landscape cloth that will block out the weed? You can use old, free tarps that you can find at the local lumber store. Generally large tarps are available with the lumberjacks as they are often used for covering the wood that they carry from one country to another.
  • Are you planning to make a path within the garden for easier approach to all the plants and shrubs in the garden? You can gather all the broken pieces of concrete and granite slabs that might be scattered around the garden to make the pathway.
  • If you are planning to grow seedlings from the seeds, you can use small paper cups and used recyclable paper plates to grow the seedlings from the seeds. Once these are ready to be transplanted you can transfer those to the garden directly. Thus, you won’t be buying anything extra and will be recycling the thing that you are using in the process. You can also put the seedling along with the cups. The paper cups are biodegradable and thus, will melt and mix with the soil.
  • You can be creative and use your old pantyhose to support the watermelon and cantaloupes that are growing on fences. You can also use mosquito nets and old pieces of clothes for the purpose.
  • If you want to make a makeshift tent in the garden to be able to protect the plants and shrubs from frost you can use old mosquito nets and old pieces of clothes that are lying in the house.
  • Mulching is important for a healthy garden. If you put good quality mulch in your garden, it will not just make the area look even and clean, but will also help to retain water. Thus, you do not have to water the plants so frequently. Moreover, using mulch will also prevent the birds from pecking the seeds and roots of the plantation that you are planning.

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