Spring Is Nearly Here, March In The Garden

frontfence800March in the garden is that getting ready time. If you live in the northern hemisphere then you are getting ready for Spring and Summer, in the southern hemisphere you are getting ready for Autumn and Winter.

These are the changing seasons in the garden and even though totally different, there are some chores that are the same, like maintaining your tools, keeping tools well maintained only helps you have a much more enjoyable time in the garden. For further reading, visit gardening info.

Autumn/Fall -The temperatures are cooler and this is a good time to work in the garden, not too hot or not too cold. This makes working in the gardenmuch easier and more pleasant. This is great time to take advantage of this weather and clean-up the garden, prune and start planting.

Spring – This is really a busy season, probably the busiest but the weather is kind and so getting out after the Winter cold is departing gives not only our gardens a new lease of life but us also. You need to clean up after the winter, if you mulch for protection during the cold season then this will need removing and the garden soil regenerated. Then the planting can start,

Spring in any hemisphere can be unpredictable so use your commonsense and let the garden tell you what it needs. Allow it to awaken, take not of the insects especially the ants, they move down when the dryer weather is coming and up when good rain is on the way..

So your hemisphere will tell you what you should be doing in your garden in March. No matter what it is, there will be something for you to enjoy and look forward to.


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