Secrets To Growing The Sweetest Blueberries

Blueberries are one of the greatest fruits out there. They are just not great to eat but they are also packed full of vitamins and antioxidants. Blueberries are filled full of cancer fighting and many other health benefits. Adding blueberries to your garden just won’t give you a tasty treat, it might save your health as well. For more great garden ideas, visit

Where to Blueberries Grow

Blueberries grow in a climate that is humid but has winter chills and low PH levels in the soil. This generally limits the area they can grow in and they generally do better if they are grown in these areas. However with new plant species and ones that are harden for colder winter temperatures, many people find themselves growing blueberries all over, including some areas that have massive winter chills, and even the beach.

Types of Blueberries

There are three types of blueberries out there today all with specific growing requirements. The three types are high bush, low bush and rabbit eye. There are hybrids known as

southern high bush which allows for growth in more diverse areas.

Blueberry 1

Growing Blueberries

In order to grow blueberries you will need to have the perfect PH level in the soil. This can be difficult to do but a great option to choose is to grow your plants in pots. Pots will allow you to control how your blueberries grow and what you do to the soil. You can keep a closer eye on the soil content and how you amend it. If you plant in pots you will need to make sure that your blueberries are watered well. If they are not watered well this can lead to problems with the PH level of the soil and cause your blueberries not to produce well.

Blueberry 2

If you are unable to grow in pots, or you would prefer to grown on the ground you can do so. You will need to dig a hole that is at least 2 foot wide and a foot deep.  If you can consider amending the soil to a soil more for blueberries. Adding peat moss can help your blueberries take to the soil better. Growing blueberries from seed will take much longer than growing from a plant. If you choose to grow from seed, remember it will take at least 5 years to get optimal growth.

Fruit Yields

Blueberries are self fruiting but if you want to have tons of blueberries, consider planting several different varieties. They will cross pollinate giving you a bigger harvest.  A blueberry plant will produce fruit up to 20 years or more. Even after 20 years it may still produce blueberries, but at a slower rate. During the first 3 years do not do any kind of pruning to your blueberry plant. After that you can start pruning your blueberry bush in the winter. Make sure that you remove any growths on the plant that do not look sustainable. If they have any kind of discoloration make sure that you trim that off as well.  To protect your blueberry bush from birds and other animals, you can get a piece of netting to drape over it. Some people also use large tomato cages around their blueberry plants.

Check out this video on growing blueberries.

Adding blueberry plants to your garden will help you to have a great tasting fruit that is both healthy and taste great. Blueberries also have one more added benefit. They are great looking shrubs and can be planted to act as a border around your property, shrub addition to the front of your house, or anywhere that you need to decorate. Some people even decorate their front porch with blueberry plants. Blueberries are a great plant for several different reasons. Consider adding blueberries to your garden today.

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