Secret To A High Yield Vegetable Garden

If you are planning to start a vegetable garden, make sure that you grow the crops that you’d need on a regular basis. Yes, your kitchen garden has the potential to yield tons of vegetables if proper care is taken and if the garden is maintained on a daily basis. But how do you ensure that you are getting a very high and regular yield from your garden? One trick is to choose the vegetables carefully. As kitchen garden is supposed to have a limited space, you need to choose vegetables that have high or multiple yields. For example, choose to grow tomatoes instead of cabbage or cauliflower. You can also choose to grow chilies in your garden. These vegetables generally grow in bunches and you can improve their yields by certain tricks. Here are some tricks to have really good harvest from your kitchen garden:

To pump up yields, you need to build the soil well enough. According to some expert gardeners, preparing the soil is the single-most important thing in ensuring better yield. Organically rich soil that has been prepared well lets the roots to reach the nutrient and water well enough. Thus, you can get yields that are extra-lush, productive growth, and of course healthy crops. Visit for more info on soil, gardens and gardening.

One of the best tips for getting the patch ready for plantation is to make raised beds. This type of soil is not just rich in nutrients, but also provides enough space between the saplings to grow and prosper.

Raised beds can also reduce the time you’d need for the maintenance and also facilitate faster planting of plants in the soil beds. Raised beds let the plants to grow close together, yet allow much of the plants to get a good amount of oxygen.

The shape of the beds makes a difference too. If you are making raised beds, make sure that the top portions of the beds are rounded. This will not just allow the roots to spread well underneath, but will also impact the overall plantation area. Thus, even if you have a small space, you will be able to grow many plants and thereby more yields.

If you want to increase the space in your garden, but there is not much area, grow upwards! By growing vertically and growing vegetables in two or three layers, you’d surely be able to save space and increase yield. Growing vegetables like this will also help to save on time. You will also be able to maintain and manage gardening easily if the vegetables are grown in stacks and not spread across a wide area of land. The plants that are on top of the layers will have better air circulation and water intake, leading to better yields. However, you need to get some ideas from expert gardeners before growing your garden vertically.

The weather plays an important part in determining the amount and quality of yields that you will obtain from the garden. That is the reason to keep the plants and shrub warm, you can use mulch, colches, and coldframes.

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