Prepping Your Garden For Winter

As winter draws close, I know the thought of ditching your garden throughout this season might have crossed your mind. Hello, this is actually a good time to carry out some real and thorough gardening and landscaping maintenance.

Flowers blooming in garden ready for fall maintenance

Why don’t you use the cold weather and the fact that there will be fewer insects to your own advantage and carry out some vital fall gardening. Remember, putting the garden to bed in the fall makes it far easier and better to awaken it when the spring season comes.

Hydration is Key for Plant Survival

Many regions were victims of a very dry summer, the soil obviously needs water before winter. Once the drought season passes, plants must be hydrated properly going into the winter season.

Garden and plant watering in fall

Ensure that the garden is watered properly, paying more attention to anything that was recently planted, before Dormancy kicks in. Dormancy usually begins as temperatures drop during the fall.

Be careful to not turn your garden into a swamp of a pool of water, water the soils until they are damp and moist enough.

The Ideal Period To Fertilize Your Garden

Fertilizing your garden in the beginning of the fall season isn’t a very good idea. Ideally, you do not want to encourage growth in a period where you should be focused on your plants growing roots and getting ready for dormancy.

Typically, fertilizing your plants after they go dormant (around November) is perfectly alright for more woody plants. However, early spring fertilization is more beneficial to perennials.

Time to Put Your Garden to Bed

Putting your garden to bed simply means tidying and cleaning up your garden, having all the tools and items that you wouldn’t need during the fall season away till spring and making sure that things are well prepared and organized for when they are needed.

Clearing out your garden, and ridding them of pests and debris is a good way to ensure that you wouldn’t be neck deep in tidying during when spring comes around.

Watch this video for more instruction on putting the garden to bed.

Good Preparations Equal Great Results

Setting aside time in the fall to make sure that your garden is well prepared to face the winter season is the single most important factor that will guarantee that your garden remains beautiful when spring finally arrives. While this list is concise and brief, it covers all the basic and important points for your complete garden work.