Organic Gardening

Think of the earlier days when chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides were not invented and people used to grow cereals and pulses, fruits and vegetables, flowers and seedlings using fertilizers from natural waste products. They were dependant on home made pesticides instead of chemical pest removers. The produces looked better, tasted better and were absolutely harmless.

Well, people have come to appreciate today the practice the earlier generation accomplished so well and regenerate the system for their own benefit. In short, the method involves no inorganic substances to be used in planting, nutrition or growth of plants and trees. Fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and supplements are all obtained only from nature. When this technique is applied to gardening, it is called Organic Gardening that is gaining popularity pretty fast and the produces thus obtained are termed Organic Food. For further information on this topic, visit

Though Organic Food is also available at most supermarkets, people prefer to grow them on their own for the extra satisfaction that no adulteration has taken place and the produces are genuinely ‘home grown’.

The organic movement has gained momentum and has now become a national hobby that is as interesting as it is productive. However, pests are pests and they are merciless when attacking plants and herbs in an organic garden. But there are ways to get rid of them in a natural way. One simple method is to plant marigolds near the vegetable patch; another is to make a concoction of cooking oil, dish washing soap and water and spray the mixture to remove the pests.

Nor is the subject of natural fertilizers ignored. Merely using kitchen and garden waste materials that may contain potato and other vegetable peelings with a touch of rose prunings to improve the texture has solved the mysterious way of compost making. Coffee grounds add an agreeable smell to the blend. This also does away about disposing all that waste products. But make sure that everything is dry.

If you are interested to know how the organic garden lovers insulate and enrich the soil, I may till you now. It is a simple matter composed of pine needles and grass clippings gently spread over the ground right under the plant. Ingenious, isn’t it?

By the way, parents of young children are worried about the chemicals that usually find their way in our food production and sometimes these chemicals get into the waterways, causing unknown damages to the human system. However, organic gardens are free from such hazardous chemicals and your kids and the dog, already a family member, can play there safely since it is a natural chemical free zone.

People indulge in organic gardening not only to obtain the product but also for their own mental satisfaction. Any creative work, big or small, always has its reward. Lovers of organic gardening derive immense pleasure in planting, pruning, enriching and taking care of their garden. And this taking care also becomes a part of the entire family as others and kids are encouraged to take active part in the organic garden. They learn that it is important to identify with nature to survive and flourish.

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