How To Maximise A Small Garden

Small Gardens encourage the need for more gardening involvement especially when creating a gardening spectacular for all year round.

There are plenty of opportunities and some constraints when creating small gardens. You can create shaded patios, raised garden beds and ponds. Additionally you can use containers and hanging baskets. There are plenty of colourful and fragrant plants that can be used. Great examples can be found at Gardening Info.

Garden features that need unrestricted space are not possible in a small garden. When creating a small garden you need to think about the space and plan out the features, materials and plants that will be utilised. You can create garden beds on the side of the house with rows of colourful plants. By planting several rows of plants that flower at different times and are at different heights you can create a spectacular for all summer long.

Even in a small garden you can create the impression of space. Aim for creating an open area in the garden, surrounded by plants that do not obstruct the view from the full extent of the garden. You can also use ponds as garden features in small spaces as the reflection off them gives the perception of more space.

You may consider lawn in a moderate size garden as it unites the garden, however if you have a very small space you may be better off utilising pavers. Pavers can create garden paths and also look nice against raised garden beds.

If possible build a patio, this creates a a much needed space for relaxation that can be used all year around.

Quiet areas are also essential in gardens, and privacy is something that is highly important. These spaces can aid relaxation and healing. They can be created by using hedges, or trellises covered by flowering and bushy creepers. If you want to go for something ultramodern, there are now several options to install vertical gardens utilising modules that also have their own reticulation system.

Some ideal plants to use are bulbs in either pots or in the ground for spring colour features, grasses to create garden edges and different colour patches, small to medium bushes for hedges and backgrounds as well as for creating privacy. You can also use fruit trees as they can be trained to create a wall.

Creating small gardens are a little challenging at the planning stage, however with a bit of leg work you can create beautiful spectaculars for all year long.

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