How To Make Natural Fertilizer

Fertilizer is one of the most important compounds that your plants will need. A plant that is not fertilized will not do well. You may not have any type of production from a plant that is not getting the nutrients that it needs. There are many types of fertilizers that you can use today. For more on this and related topics, click here.

Store Bought Fertilizer

If you go to any home and garden store you will see bags and bags of fertilizer. Each one will claim that they are the best for the money. However there are a multitude of problems with fertilizer bought in the store.

  • Unknown material. Many fertilizers may have products in them that might harm some plants. They also may have fillers and additives just to make up weight that will not help your plants.
  • Many fertilizers in the store are expensive and can burn a massive hole in your wallet.
  • Too strong. Some purchased fertilizers are much too strong for certain types of plants. You could burn your plant or even kill your plant if you have the wrong type of fertilizer.
  • Not enough fertile material. Many fertilizers simply do not pack the punch that some plants will need.
  • Contains chemicals. Some fertilizers will contain chemicals that are not good for the plant, you or the environment.

As you can see store fertilizers have a lot of bad things to them. To avoid dealing with all of these things, you can choose to make your own fertilizer.

Making Natural Fertilizer

Some people might think that creating your own natural fertilizer would be hard but the truth is that it is not hard at all. Using your own fertilizer will save you money and allow you to know that your plants are getting the optimum treatment. Natural fertilizer does not consist of any chemicals and it will not harm your plant or you. You will need to experiment to see what types of compost or animal manure works the best for your plants. Some plants will do better with different types of fertilizer so you will need to take your time and choose the fertilizer that works best for you and your plants.

  • If you want to have great looking plants, consider using composting materials. Create a compost bin and put all of your organic materials out there. Things like coffee grounds, banana peels, dead leaves, and much more will all work together to give you a great fertilizer for your plants. Worms will work their way through your compost and give you the richest fertilizer you have ever had. You can watch this Composting video.
  • Animal waste. A great way to fertilize is using animal waste. If you have the space consider getting rabbits, goats or chickens and use their manure for fertilizer. Chicken manure will need to sit for awhile before use. It may not be good for some plants due to rich nitrogen content. Rabbit manure is a great all around fertilizer that is known for making plants grow well. If you have a plant that is not doing so well, consider soaking rabbit manure in water. Pour this water over your plant like a liquid fertilizer and it will help your plant grow and recover from its problem. Goat and horse manure can also be used to create a bountiful harvest.

Creating your own fertilizer is the best way to make sure that your plants are only feeding off of natural substances. You will never have any problems with chemicals and you will not have to pay expensive prices for store bought fertilizer. If you will be doing a garden, get started on your compost as well as your animal manure so that you will have a healthy fertilized garden.

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