How To Keep Pests Out Of Your Garden

When you have a garden, one thing is for certain at some point you are going to deal with pests. From the four legged, to the six and eight legged, to even the two legged, you are always going to be dealing with something getting into your garden. Pests can wreak havoc on a garden, destroying crops, eating crops and just general decimation of the area.  Preventing these pests from ever getting into your garden is important. For more on this and related topics, visit here.

Ways to Prevent Pests

There are several different ways that you can prevent pests in your garden, depending on what that type of pest is.

  • Having an adequate fence around your garden might seem like an expensive undertaking but it is often times necessary. Having a fence will help protect your garden from rabbits, deer and those two legged creatures that might try to steal your fresh vegetables. You can put any type of fencing that you want, from wood to metal. If you really want to discourage the pests from getting in your garden, you can always use an electric fence.
  • Garden Guardian. Consider getting a dog and a couple of cats to protect your garden. A dog can run anything big like a deer off and a cat will take care of smaller problems like mice and rats. They will love doing their job and will keep those pests out of your garden.
  • For insects that get in the garden, consider spraying pesticides around the area. If you do not want to use pesticides, you can create your own bug killing spray to spray on your plants and around. Pepper sprays are a great way to keep bugs off of your plants. Take a few peppers, and water and spray on the plants with a spray bottle. Your bugs shouldn’t be a problem any longer, and your plant will be healthy.
  • Chickens are great to let in your garden to get the bugs. They will take care of insects fairly quickly. Just don’t put them in with very young plants or freshly planted seeds as they will make short work of them.
  • Consider adding scarecrows into your garden. This will help discourage birds and other wild life from coming into your garden.
  • Consider getting something that makes a noise, like a motion sensor that buzzes. If a deer or other animal hears that sound, they will run off.
  • Consider having motion lights in your garden. When an animal moves in, the light shines on them, making them scared.
  • For snails and some other insects, consider sprinkling salt around the perimeter of the garden. If they go across it, it will kill them.
  • There are many different herbs that will repel rodents as well as insects. Mint plants are notorious for being hated by mice and rats so consider planting a few outside of your garden.
  • Live traps. If you have a repeated pest getting into your garden, consider getting a live trap. This way you can take care of the animal by letting it loose elsewhere or taking it to someone involved with wildlife.
  • For rats and mice you can choose to sit out poison. Be careful with this option as you could expose your own animals to these toxins.

Keeping pests out of the garden video:

Keeping pests out of the garden is relatively easy if you take your time and do it right. You will have to be vigilant about keeping those pests out of your garden. They will try to get in and at many times they will succeed. Taking your time and watching for pests will help you to avoid any crop loss from pests.

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