How To Create That Tuscan Feel

Some people like to go for gardens that come together as a result of traditional elements in a style that is well-established, for the same reasons that a person might decorate their living room with Spanish or country flair.  For those who are looking for an Italian flare might turn to Tuscan garden design for a template upon which to guild their garden.  Tuscan garden design contains elements that are characterized by both plants and accessories for growing them, creating an exquisite European feel that. Further reading and inspiration can be found at

Heavy on the Pots

One of the main characteristics in Tuscan garden design is the use of vases, urns, and terra cotta pots to grow your plants in.  Expect to use large amounts of garden containers to create your Tuscan garden design.  However, you don’t have to feel as if you should buy vases and pots that look perfect; Tuscan garden design has a rustic, worked-in look where pots that are chipped or cracked have a place in the scheme of things.

Other Inorganic Elements

The inorganic elements that the urns and pots bring to Tuscan garden design are not the only ones that you can add.  Benches and fountains also have a place in an elaborate Tuscan garden design.  Again, items that look older or worn work well in this design, incorporating the Italian respect for history into the overall look.  Stone can be used for both fountains and benches and wrought iron also works well.

Plant Selection

Of course, you can’t have a garden without the plants themselves.  In Tuscan garden design, it is best to use plants that are commonly associated with Italy. However, that still leaves a wide variety of plants to work with.  Poppies and other flowers work nicely in Tuscan garden design, but these gardens can become celebrations of Italian foods as well as flowers, with tomato plants growing their ripe fruit, perhaps to be made into a fine red sauce some day.  Or, move your herb garden from inside to outside and add a dimension of scent to your garden.

One element that can work well in Tuscan garden design is the use of a trellis and vines to create a look that reminds people of wine grapes ripening and of Italy’s tradition of fine wines.  While actual grape vines will work well, there are alternatives to these plants, such as grape ivy, or even a climbing rose, if you want something that flowers nicely.  With a little work put into the look of your garden through plants and other elements will come together in a stunning Tuscan garden design that hearkens back to Italian traditions.

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