How To Create a User Friendly Patio

As the nation becomes more urbanized and yards get smaller, many people have less property to plant gardens.  In some cases people may only have a small patio with dirt surrounding the patio.  Having a plan in mind for the garden and patio before starting will make better use of space and make the area a place a person wants to spend time.  Garden and patio design is not a way to just plant some flowers or vegetable plants and call it a garden.  There is a lot of potential for a small space.

The best way to start is to draw out the patio size including the garden area.  Take measurements of the entire space.  Also take a couple different pictures to show at a nursery for them to make a garden and patio design structure.  When the experts look at it, they are thinking through the big picture.  From patio furniture to where plants will grow the best, pulling it all together for maximum attention is the goal.  Also, it is acceptable for the person to take the dimensions and pictures to different designers and nurseries.  This will give the person many things to decide on and the better chance that one of the garden and patio designs will be what the homeowner wants. For more design and plant inspiration visit

Garden And Patio Design On A Budget

A lot of the people with small patios may not have the extra money to hire someone to do a garden and patio design.  This doesn’t mean that these people have to suffer with less of a garden.  When facing the realization that a person only has a certain amount to spend, take the time to research and read as well as look on the internet for other people’s patio space.  Look for the plants that people want and find out about there hardiness and what kind of light each plant needs.  This all sounds simple, and it can be but this is what the designer or nursery man will do.

For garden and patio designs, make sure that the person arranges the space so that it all comes together.  Taller plants or shrubs at the back, and work the property forward descending to the front.  This makes the area hold maximum foliage without plants being crowded out.  Once the garden is established and the people are happy with the results, begin the search for furniture and other pots or stand alone objects that will enhance the patio making it one of the most used spaces of a person’s home.  Knowing that the space was designed and built without the use of a professional makes it that much better.

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