How To Build A Square Foot Garden?

What Is a Square Foot Garden?

Square foot gardening refers to the gardening system where a gardener uses a perfect mix of soil which is created from compost, vermiculite and peat moss.

The classic square foot garden is a 4’ x 4’ square constructed from lumber, bricks to the cinder blocks. Square foot gardening soil is very useful for replanting, crop rotation, seeding, spacing and replantation. This grid can be made from the PVC or stretched string. Having a foot garden design is very helpful for the visual delineation of plants. visit for more reading on this and other topics.

How to Build A Square Foot Garden?
When you want to grow your own foods, most of the people think of a large garden with plenty of plants. People also tend to think of the hard work in planting, catering and trimming the garden. But it’s not the case. It’s unnecessary to spend countless hours working on the garden, applying fertilizer, tilling the soil and preparing it. There’s no need to spend several hours in planting seedlings. There is also an easier way of growing own food. When you want to build a square foot garden, you will never have to worry about the gardening soil, planting seedlings, applying fertilizer on a large scale. All these things can be done within a short period of time.

When you are building a square foot garden, you can easily and quickly plant, grow as well as harvest your crops. The process of planting and growing your crops, it’s good for the urban areas. Vegetation on square foot garden is a variation of French Intensive Farming. This form of farming is quite easy and simple to do.

Primary Steps for Building a Square Foot Garden

  1. The concept is easy and all that you need to do first is to build the garden bed. You don’t have to fret about the things, like poor soil, top soil etc. The good thing about this type of garden is that you have to build a bed that’s raised on the top of the concrete patio. After this, the next step involves making mixture of soil. You can use the soil around the garden area. But before that you should get the soil tested and checked to find out whether it’s usable and fertile.
  2. Next, you have to divide the bed into different sections. You have to draw the partition raised up bed into several squares. Every section should be of a square foot. You have to plant crops and vegetables in the perfect amount of soil and space, so that your plants grow and germinate properly.
  3. The final step relates to catering the sections and make sure that the crops are properly catered. They needs to be watered regularly and the area should be cleared every day to get rid of the weeds. You will have to apply pesticides, fertilizers and many other things. This mainly depends on the nature of the crops which you have already planted. The main advantage of this kind of farming is that the workload can be easily reduced. You have to do less watering, weeding and clearing. Growing your foods in this way is healthy and cost effective.

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