How Do You Keep Cats Off Your Houseplants?

Not only is keeping your cat from your house plants to protect your plants but more importantly it is to protect your cat.

Some cats will never even bother to look at your house plants but others will be fascinated.  They will wander amongst them, make sure their tail flicks through the leaves as they walk past and eventually start to play amongst them.



Some cats love a chew on the leaves and this is where you could have a big problem as not all plants are ‘user friendly’.

So first thing is to check on whether your house plants are cat friendly.  Your nursery should be able to help you our with this. For more on plants and gardens, visit

Once you have the friendly part sorted, next is to where the plants are situated in your home.

As cats can reach just about anywhere in your home, positioning may not be that easy.

I’m not in favour of using some of the deterants that are recommended.  I prefer a clean water spray bottle with a quick spray in the cat’s face each time you find kitty amongst the plants.

Citrus peel sprinkled in the pot plant is also a good deterrant as most cats do not like the smell of cirtus and this won’t hurt the plant.  These will need replacing from time to time.

Provide your cat with its own toys, there are many that will keep a cat occupied for long periods.


Keep your cat’s  bowls, beds, scratching posts and toys in a totally different area of the house to where your indoor plants are.

Cats are naturally curious creatures and most like to be around you so when you water your indoor plants, make sure you have the watering can in one hand and the wter sprat bottle in the other.  I found with my cats, they soon lose interest in what you are doing when they get a short spray in their face.  That area becomes a ‘no interest’ zone in the house.

It may take time and persistence on your part



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