Handy Hints For Your Vegetable Garden

Do you love the idea of getting fresh vegetables from your garden whenever you want to cook some? Then, why don’t you start your own vegetable garden in the space just outside your kitchen. There are certain tips and tricks to learn to be successful at growing vegetables of your own. For more on vegetable gardens, visit us at http://gardeninginfo-online.com. Given below are certain trick that can help you to have your own green kitchen garden:

  • If you ever plant tomatoes in the garden and notice that the weather is turning cold, you should make it a point to pull the plants to a warm and dry place. The tomatoes will ripe on the vine itself.
  • To keep the weeds down and to keep the vegetables clean you need to put mulch. If you are growing an organic garden try to put mulch that is free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. The mulch should be a couple of inches thick and should be put around the base of each of the plants. This should keep the weeds down.
  • A small, but cool tip would be to color the garden tools bright. This would help you to find those among the plants while you are working in the garden.
  • If you are applying compost on the beds, you need to leave that in the soil for some time before you plant the vegetables. The compost would need some time to decay. If the compost is not decayed, the vegetables would not grow properly.
  • Remember, you need to water the plants on a daily basis. However, you should know that over-watering is as harmful as under-watering. You need to water the plants just right so that they could thrive comfortably in the soil where they have been planted.
  • Earthworms may look creepy, but they are actually good for the soil where vegetables are planted. You need to encourage earthworms in the soil of your vegetable garden.
  • If there is not much space for creating a garden, you should make it a point to plant garlic, shallots, and leeks. These can be grown on containers too. They do not require much room for the roots to spread.
  • You must be wondering about the right time to water the garden. Early morning is the best time. It would minimize moisture loss and would also help to avoid mildew and other fungal diseases of the plants.
  • Do you know what healthy soil is? Healthy soil is the one that is infested with healthy bacteria, earthworms, and other microbes.
  • You need to know which vegetables grow well in shadowy places and which requires a much sunnier spot. There are some vegetables that need to be started indoors like the peas.
  • Do you know what can be the best water repellent? You can plant vegetables and herbs like onions, garlic, chrysanthemums, and chives. These are very good insect repellants. Thus, growing these around the house would keep the insects away.

Remember these tips while starting on your own vegetable garden. But there could be more; you need to ask a hobbyist or a passionate gardener for kitchen garden tips.

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