Grey Water- Not Drinking Water- For Your Garden

No matter where you live, water plays a big part in our budgets.  Most of us have to pay our local government body for the water we use or if we are in an area where water is not piped into our property then we will be paying a company to supply us with water.

At, we know when this happens we are always very conscious of our water usage.

In suburbia, an average family uses about a third of water usage on their lawns and gardens.

Now the average home has what is called re-useable grey water.  This is the water sent down our drains and off into the beyond from the laundry and bathroom but not the toilet or kitchen sinks.


In an average home this grey water goes a long way to keeping our lawns and plants in the garden well watered. This system can also be used to flush the toilets, again saving precious water.

An average Australian household produces approximately 200 litres of grey water each day so being able to reuse this water for the garden and toilets is a huge saving.  Not only savings for your household budget but for conserving water that would otherwise go down the drains and  into the rivers and oceans.

Having this grey-water will keep your garden well watered during the dry times.

There are costs involved but the system will pay for itself when you consider the savings you will be rewarded with.

Check with your local government authority to see what they require when installing a grey-water system, there may be rebates you are entitled to or some type of assistance  for installing one of these systems.

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