Garden Feng Shui: Adding the Elements of Wood and Water

Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement to create a harmonious feel, can help make your garden a much more serene place to relax. Incorporating Feng Shui into your garden is very easy with Bamboo Feng Shui Fountains.

Water is an incredibly important element in gardening – it represents wealth and heavenly blessings, and using it ensures that you always have the positive ‘chi’, or energy, associated with it. Fountains are the most convenient and effective way to use the element of water in your garden, because they make certain that it is always clear and flowing – never stagnant.

Bamboo fountains not only bring the peace and harmony of Feng Shui into your outdoor space, they’re also beautiful and very easy to set up. They can simply be placed on the side of any bowl with the pump placed in the water, and they’re ready to use! Bamboo water spouts can be used with any decorative bowls wide enough to accommodate the base of the fountain. You can also use them in your garden pond. They’re small enough to be moved inside when winter arrives, so you can continue enjoying the benefits of flowing water through the cold season.

The sophisticated, minimalist elegance of these fountains complement nearly any style of garden decor. Bamboo water spout fountains typically come in two styles: the traditional kind that sits on the edge of a container, or ‘deer chasers’, which combine aesthetics, sound, and motion. With deer chasers, the fountain has a bamboo ‘arm’ that rocks forward when it fills with water, then rocks backward to create a gentle ‘clacking’ sound. Deer Chasers require a flat space next to your container or pond to be set up. The base is covered with rocks, and the spout should be positioned so that it will re-circulate the water back into the container.

Bamboo fountains will attract birds and other wildlife to your outdoor space, and are also safe to use in ponds containing fish and other marine life. They’re simple, elegant, and make inexpensive and very unique gifts.

Author – Stephanie Gottschalk