Dog Friendly Backyard Ideas

At, we know that there are certain elements that are a must when you decide to bring a dog into your yard no matter what breed your dog is to make sure that your yard stays beautiful yet becomes pet friendly when your dog arrives.

1. Shelter

One ofr the most important things your dog will need is shelter as they can get sunburnt or heat stroke in summer, as well as wet and cold in winter. Depending on your budget, garden style and size of your dog there are plenty of dog houses available on the market. You can be as creative as you like.

Another important thing is the placement of the dog house. As your dogs are social creatures more often than not, it is nice to have the dog house in a location that they can be involved with you and your family.


dog house 3dog house 2dog house 1.








2. Water Supply

Water supply is a must for your dog to help them keep hydrated, especially in summer months and if you are not home. You could get a traditional bowl – make sure it si big enough, or you could make this a a creative feature of your garden with a fountain. If you choose to create a fountain, just make sure that you make it the right height for your dog.

dog fountain 2dog fountain 1Dog fountain








3. Entertainment

As mentioned, dogs are social creatures. As such they get bored when you are not home. So they do not destroy your yard it is wise to think of ideas to keep them entertained.

garden path 2Garden path 1Garden tunnel 2


You can create paths near your fence if possible, that they can use to patrol your yard. And if your fence is not see through, you can create peak holes so they can see out.

You can create tunnels either solid or out of some feature, where they – and possibly the kids – can hide.


If your yard is big enough you can create areas where they can dig if they like, like a sandpit.

If you have a big tree, you could even hang a piece of rope off of that they can chew on.


4. Fences

You will need to have a boundary fence to keep your pet in your yard. Depending on the style of your garden you can choose several styles, you could intall a picket fence if you have a cottage garden, or have posts an wire to have a rustic feel. In some areas you may have rules to use wooden boards or solid good neighbour fencing, or yu may have the desire to have a limestone/iron fence. In any instance there are plenty to choose from.

Limestone fence

Limestone Fence

Picket fence

Picket Fence


5. Toxin Free

Some common plants, such as azaleas and lilies are actually very dangerous if your dog eats them. Make  sure to check with your vet or nursery whether the plants you have would irritate or even kill your pet.

Same thing goes with chemicals you are considering to use as part of your garden maintenance. Snail pellets as an example whilst keep the snails from attacking your garden can be fatal to your dog. When it comes to chemicals used in the garden always remember – and remember, dogs can be remarkably tenacious when it comes to getting at something you don’t want them to get at