Create An Outdoor Room

‘Outdoor Rooms’ are the trend these days. It doesn’t matter whether it is covered or not, you can turn pretty much any outdoor space into an open-air living room that you can enjoy on those lazy afternoons used for relaxation.

outdoor living room

To create an outdoor room you need a few basic elements:

  • comfortable seating
  • screen for privacy
  • lush green plants

Anything after this is just customization of your space, you can find great inspiration at It doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming to create a relaxing area and increase your living space. There are a few things to consider when creating your design for effects.

Firstly, think of where you are going to place your outdoor room. It can be created in an old patio, verandah, gazebo or a secluded space in your garden, in any case make sure that the added living space has a good relationship with your house.  Create this space as an extension of your home. Make sure you have easy access to the new ‘living room’ even if it is not connected to the house. If it’s in an independent area, like a gazebo, connect it to the house with a visual path way.

outdoor living room1

Define what your outdoor room will be used for. Normally it is for several purposes such as entertaining, relaxing, dining, reading and the likes. It doesn’t have to be a large area, you don’t need an acerage. You can turn tiny side yards into a cosy room instead of just a passage way. You can add hanging baskets, or creepers to create a green space. Add some wall water features for some serenity.

An outdoor room has to be functional, or you will never use it, so ensure that your function and design for this space are engaging.

If you don’t already have some flooring down, you need to put some down to define the room. Stone or concrete are practical for this area. If you wanted something else you could try decking, however the upkeep of this is more work.


Cosy fire places care becoming more and more popular, as they allow the usage of these outdoor rooms for longer. You can build your own out of bricks or buy several different designs. There are wood or gas fires available these days, depending on the style and feel you are going for.

Mentioned plants before, they soften the hard edges of concrete, add life and create tranquility. You can create screens to divide this area from the rest of the yard. These screens can be done with hedges, trained fruit trees, or trellises and creepers. It all depends on the amount of space and the area you are using. If it is in an undercover area, you can use hanging pots also.

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