Companion Herb Pot Ideas

To have your very own herb garden is just so wonderful. Every cook wants one. And I don’t mean ‘chef’. There is nothing quite like the taste of food when fresh herbs have been used in preparing the dish. A container of fresh herbs sitting in the kitchen gives out such an aroma that everyone wants to be around the cook.

Even if you are living in a apartment, there is always room for herbs growing in pots if you have a windowsill or balcony. There is also a ‘

Choosing which herbs to grow can be challenging too as there are so many to choose from. More on this at Gardening Info.

I like the idea of growing what I call companion herbs. These are the ones that go so well together. Like those used in Italian or Greek cooking plus the different types of Asian cooking too that require their own special herbs.

Not only are fresh herbs great for cooking there are so many other uses for certain types. Like the ones that help arthritic suffers also aromatherapy herbs and medicinal herbs.

You may find help for many ailments amongst the herbs but it is better to see a doctor and talk to him or her about taking herbs instead of medications. It may or may not be feasible for you.

I like the idea of companion herb pots, we have a selection below to give you and idea of how you can take advantage of your own selection even in an apartment.

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