6 Tips to Growing Ornamental Grass

If you want to add a bit of beauty and elegance to the landscape of your yard, you can plant and grow ornamental grasses. They can help keep your yard looking attractive even during the fall and winter when other plants lost their foliage and look barren. The grace of ornamental grasses as they dance in the breeze is unparalleled. For more fall and winter ideas, head over to gardening info.

Why Should You Grow Ornamental Grasses?

There are some major benefits to growing ornamental grasses apart from their beautiful colors and delicate shapes. They can help in attracting birds to your garden. These grasses are generally free from diseases. Moreover, they are quite easy to grow. Ornamental grasses require very little in terms of maintenance and attention.

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Growing Tips

In order to help you plant ornamental grasses and grow them properly, you can make use of a few tips.

The Planting Time

You should plant ornamental grasses during spring or autumn. Spring is the ideal season for planting as they get enough time to establish themselves. Early autumn can be another option provided you ensure that the plants get enough to establish before the onset of winter.

Preparation of the Site

Plant spacing is critical for ornamental grasses or the space can become too crowded once they grow to their fullest. Give the plantings enough space to grow properly. Being perennial, it takes a few years for ornamental grasses to reach their full height. Additionally, these grasses tend to have a deep root system. Therefore, the planting bed must be deep enough for the roots. Add organic matter generously.

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Divide the Plants

When the grass clumps begin to look bare in their center, you should divide them. The ideal time for dividing ornamental grasses is the spring when they are beginning to spout. Early fall can be another suitable time for division as long as there is time for the roots to establish themselves.

Addition of Mulching

Adding mulch can help protect the roots of the plants. However, you should wait out a few frosts after planting new ornamental grasses. After a couple of frosts have passed, winter mulch can be added.

Pruning the Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are perennials but some of them can turn brown during the winter season while others remain green throughout. Irrespective of their tendencies, you should avoid pruning the foliage. During early spring, you can prune the brown foliage so that it is only a few inches high. Of course, you can thin out and remove dead leaves from the evergreen ornamental grasses whenever required.

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The Dormancy Of Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses which are native to desert climates or drought-prone regions are likely to become dormant during the dry season. It does not matter how much water they receive, they will still be dormant. Therefore, let them be and reduce the water you provide them. Decrease the frequency of watering during the dry season as well.

Ornamental grasses can be an excellent addition to any yard or lawn. While they require very little upkeep, it does not hurt to take care of them from time to time. It can help them grow better.

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