5 Veggies For Your Container Garden

Want To Grow Vegetables But Have No Garden Space  – Use The Container Gardening Method

 Not every house is blessed with ample garden space to grow vegetables. This certainly does not mean that you have missed the chance of growing your own vegetables. Containers and pots are a suitable replacement for you to grow your vegetables in. At http://gardeninginfo-online.com, we understand that doing your plantation in containers have got a number of benefits like, managing the soil, water, light and fertilizers.

There are many other things which you need to keep in mind while growing your vegetables in containers or pots.

Always use big sized pot

A small size pot cannot give space to large quantity of water which might be required for the plant. This will result in the soil drying out very quickly. Thus it is highly advisable that you use a big sized pot or container so that sufficient amount of water can be stored for the plant. Also make sure that the container that is used should have a hole on the bottom so that the unwanted quantity of water can flow out.

Reservoir to store water   

The ‘self-watering’ containers feature reservoirs under the soil. These reservoirs have grids for the roots of the plants to reach to the water down below. Using these containers will prevent you from watering the plants regularly, but make sure the reservoir is filled. During the summer seasons well grown plants will finish the water in the reservoir faster than they do in the winter. In order to retain the moisture in the soil do spread some organic mulch.

Start by planting herbs

It is always better if you start with something easy. Begin your plantation with herbs. Herbs require to be kept under the sun. Rosemary is one such herb which require dry soil and fewer nutrients. Basil on the other hand requires more water and fertilizers.

Here is a list of vegetables that can be easily grown in containers and pots.

  • Beans

Green beans grow very well in containers. The standard size of containers for beans are 8” wide and 8” deep for every bean plant whereas if you want to grow pole beans then you would require bigger containers and also a hardy trellising system.

  • Beets

Beets certainly grow better when grown with other green plants. Beet leaves are edible in nature just like chard. They belong to the same species.

  • Chard

Chard is one type of plant that is quite popular with container gardening. This particular type of plant can be harvested all through the summer season. Tender chard leaves can be used for preparing salad. But if the leaves grow older they can used as spinach.

  • Eggplant

Eggplants look very decorative when harvested in a pot, especially when the purple Asian variety is harvested. For good production do use the hybrid variety ‘Gretel’ and ‘Hansel’,

  • Lettuces

These vegetables grow well in fall or spring. They can be sown directly in a container. Some of the gardeners use their creativity and prepare salad balls. This they do by bringing together a couple of wire baskets.

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