5 Tips To Zero Waste Gardening

Do you want to build a nice garden around your house? These days there is a growing trend for sustainable gardening ideas. Most of the people today are creating an organic garden with a sustainable design, and great design ideas can be found at gardening info. This way of gardening is both good for the environment and is economical. Sustainable design helps in saving water and conserving energy. Moreover, no synthetic fertilizers are being used for growing the vegetable and fruits. That is the reason, eating organic vegetables and fruits is good for health too. Organic, sustainable gardens do not produce waste, and in turn do the proper utilization of waste products. Let’s see a few zero-waste gardening ideas:

  • For fertilizing your organic garden, you can actually store urine and dilute it to use as fertilizer. It may sound gross, but, human and animal urine is an excellent manure that you can use to grow healthy plants.
  • When you are cutting vegetables for a meal, make sure to use the excess bits for making soups and certain interesting recipes. Stuff like carrot ends, stems of certain vegetables, and leaves can be used together to make soups and curries. You can also use the leftovers from the vegetables in the compost pit to make manure. Store vegetables properly in a freezer, so that there is less waste. If you are making a vegetable stock, throw the leftovers into the compost pit to turn into good manure.
  • You can use the cereal boxes, old bills, and old newspapers as manures. If you plan to start a new garden the next spring, make sure to spread all the renewable wastes in the house in the area where you plan to grow fruits and vegetables. Debris turns into compost by the fall, and the soil is ready for planting in the next spring. This is a nice way to ensure that there is less wastage, your garden is fertilized properly, and that it is ready for planting. This is a nice idea to ensure that there is zero-waste.
  • If there is something that you can’t eat, find out whether the food can be used to feed the chickens or the cows in the farm. If you are cleaning the coop and the sheds in the farm, the wastage should be used in the garden as manure. You may not use the manure straight to the garden and to the compost pile first and then, after complete decomposition, it can be used in the garden for fertilizing the plants.
  • Buy equipments like a garden chipper-shredder. Now, you can put every garden waste through the shredder. Now, mix the shredded waste to the compost pile and it turns to be excellent manure. This method of utilizing waste is good to reduce the volume of waste in the house and in the garden too. On the other hand, it is an intelligent way to create manure for your garden.

There are some people who keep animals like bullocks and goats on the farm. These animals are used for pulling carts and for feeding the animals, the leftover vegetables and leaves are used. Thus, transitions from the garden to the market becomes easy and economic.

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