4 Steps To Revive Your Pot Plants

Potted plants can create beautiful green spaces in and out of the house or in the office, but they do require TLC to keep them beautiful, healthy and green. Struggling potted plant appreciate fresh soil and sometimes even a bigger pot if they had a growth spurt, so they can send out new roots. If they do not have enough room for roots, or are lacking soil they end up being hydrophobic.

You need to plan ahead for replanting your pot plants so you do it regular enough to keep them healthy. Also if you have big pot plants, you may want to have a couple of burly blokes ready to do the heavy lifting for you. Find more on this and other tips at gardening info.

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Step 1 – Wet The Roots

Before you try to drag the plants out of their current pot it is recommended that you soak the pot in water. Easiest thing to do if it is a small pot, is to get a bucket of water and push the pot into it and not release it till air bubbles are coming up. If it is a large pot you are trying to soak up you may need to use a wetting agent and let the water run. The point of this is to get the whole root mass moist.

Step 2 – Take the Plant From The Pot

Once you soak small pots, the plants will come out quite easy just by pulling on them gently. You can even do this will shallow but wide pots quite easily. However for deep big pots you will need to employ some muscle and patience.

If there are big strong roots sticking out of the pot holding the plant in there, I suggest that you take the secateurs and cut them before you try yanking the plant out of the pot. Other than that you could use water jet to wash some of the soil out to loosen the plant in the pot, making it easier to pull the plant out.

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Step 3 – Prune and Soak

Cut all dry leaves off. If your plant stretched, prune it back by about third. Then prepare a seaweed soak, and soak up the plant before re-potting.

Step 4 – Re-pot your plant

Prepare your new, larger pot with some fresh soil on the bottom – not too much so your plant can’t fit! Put in some wetting agent and fertilizer, then put your soaked plant into the pot, and push soil in around the roots. Make sure there are no air gap. Make sure you water your plant again.

Once you are done you don’t need to fertilize again for a while. Recommend to only do this in Spring and summer. With pot plants only use half the strength to recommended, when fertilizing.

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