3 Easy To Grow Fruits

Your body is a biologically created mechanical structure! Just like any other man-made machine that requires the right amount of lubricant to function, your body also requires an adequate amount of nutrition and vitamin in order to function properly.  Your body gets these vital elements from consuming vegetables and fruits.

In the earlier times, fruits and vegetables were grown without any added chemicals and pesticides, but in the 21st century the tables have turned.  These days a lot of pesticides and chemicals are being used in order to grow fruits and vegetables. These artificial chemicals and pesticides are doing more of harm than good to the people who are consuming these vegetables and fruits. So, how can you prevent yourself from consuming poison? Well, at http://gardeninginfo-online.com we believe the best way is by growing your own fruits and vegetables.

Nowadays, people when building their dream house are keeping just enough space either in their front yard or their backyard. The reason for doing this is either for flower gardening or vegetable and fruit gardening. Personally growing fruits and vegetables means using no artificial fertilizers and pesticides. People tend to do only organic farming with the help of biodegradable waste. So, what types of fruits can you grow in your backyard or front yard? Here is a detailed list of few of such fruits.

Mulberry Tree

Mulberry tree

The mulberry tree takes about 10 years or more for it to bear fruits provided you have planted a seed. However, you can certainly speed up the process by planting an organically-raised dwarf or semi-dwarf by purchasing it from a local nursery store. You can place this plant in the outdoors where there is plenty of sunshine or you can even place them indoors where the temperature is warm and also bright. The mulberry tree bears a long, large and black fruits which look similar to a blackberry fruit. The season for the fruit to ripen is during the early summers.  Mulberry 2

Meyer Lemon Tree     

It really does not matter whether you grow this tree in your front yard or on a pot all you will have to make sure that the tree gets a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight. Places that are extremely hot can place the tree in the outdoors for the morning sunlight and during the afternoon you should make sure that it is kept in a shade. You will have to make sure that the soil on which the tree has been planted has got good drainage facility. However, you will also have to make sure that the Lemon treesoil stays moist with enough water.


Strawberry is one such fruit that does not require much patience to bear its fruits. These are also very popular fruit for growing in the house. No need of allotting a bigger space for growing strawberries as they are able to bear fruits anywhere and everywhere. Strawberries are rich with vitamin C content. This fruit can be enjoyed all throughout the year.

Not all fruits are easy to grow, but fruits like mulberries, strawberries, and lemon are easy, convenient, and effortless to grow in the house. However, if you are looking for ways to grow other fruits it is best that you do a bit of research work on the Internet.        strawberries

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