10 Ornamental Plants for Spring

There is always an air of excitement when spring is nearing, when we get to see our garden in full bloom. Here are some ornamentals to rock your garden.

1. Dianthus ‘Memories’ – this plant has a gorgeous white flower and wonderful perfume. This plant was developed as studies have found a strong link between scents and memories. Scents supposedly trigger memories better than any other scents.

2. Spirea or May Bush – this plant has plenty of flowers, in fact it is hard to spot the leaves. It loves afternoon sun and grows to about 1m in height.

3. Campanula – this is a great plant for more modern gardens. It has beautiful blue-bell flowers. It is a creeper, that suits the shady parts of your garden the best.

4. Flowering Peaches – they come in pin or white with double or single flowers. They are a very stunning flowering tree, a great eye catcher, and amazing in breaking up solid backgrounds, like walls and fences.

5. Jasminum Polyanthum – I love jasmine! This little creeper has an amazingly big scent. It has thick bushy wine, with tiny pink and white flowers. Very easy to maintain, and lasts a long time.

6. Salvia Embers Wish – this is an amazing new perennial that packs a punch with its coral-red flower. It grows to about 80 cm.

7. Brachyscome Country Lights – This is a wonderful plant for cottage gardens or hanging baskets. It has wonderful yellow centered purple daisy like flowers.

8. Ajuga Reptans – this plant has a wonderful purple and green foliage. Loves the shady areas and makes an amazing ground cover as it sits flat to the ground. It has wonderful blue flowers in spring.

9. Polemonium Blue Dove – is another wonderous ground cover. It has a lacey foliage and bell shaped flowers.

10. Sunflowers – you can grow these babies from seed. Kids just love to do it! They can grow up to 1.5m tall on a single stem with beautiful yellow flowers. The added bonus is all the sunflower seeds you will have at the end to either eat or replant. Make sure you allow the seed to fully dry on the flower before harvesting.


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